Universal Education in Indonesia

Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Universal Education in Indonesia is a Compulsory
Indonesia is a very unique country. Besides its distinct archipelago, we are all living in a place where the differences among races, stratum, belief, and cultures are very widely varied which creates many gaps. Additionally, this country is blessed by its natural resources, yet lack of high quality human resources. So, what is actually the most influent problem solving regarding these problems? Of course the keyword is its education system toward human resource development. Seeing our education today, we may still find lacks. For instance, even though many of our children nowadays have claimed their right to achieve a proper primary education, many still can’t reach higher education status due to high cost. In addition, not so many children received the same treatment and in each region, for example we may find significant differences of the student in Jakarta from the student in Ambon, or etc. Lastly, our education system still not able to produce a high skilled professionals, whereas we know that global world today is quite competitive, thus how can we compete to the world? Our Minister of Education and Culture has implemented a new system of education for our people in Indonesia. Most of you have known about Wajib Belajar 9 Tahun, right? Yes, now it was replaced to be Wajib Belajar 12 Tahun or called Universal Primary Education. Why it was called such like that? We have three words here. First, Universal means covering all parts, general, no exclusivity to gender , races, and social stratum. Primary means a level which education grade achieved, in here means scooping the age from elementary to senior high school. Third, Education which infer to the process of an effective learning that able to develop skills, knowledge, and potential behavior to every child. Actually the implementation of Universal Education was first found by United Nation. It was included in second point of Multi Development Goals (MDGs)...
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