Universal Brotherhood in the Esoteric Philosophy

Topics: Universe, Meaning of life, Nature Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: July 3, 2011
Universal Brotherhood as understood in the Esoteric Philosophy, and which is a sublime natural fact of universal Nature, does not signify merely sentimental unity, or a simple political or social co-operation. Its meaning is incomparably wider and profounder than this. The sense inherent in the words in their widest tenor or purport is the Spiritual Brotherhood of all Beings; particularly, the doctrine implies that all human beings are inseparably linked together, not merely by the bonds of emotional thought or feeling, but by the very fabric of the universe itself, all men, as well as all beings, both high and low and intermediate, spring forth from the inner and spiritual Sun of the universe, as its hosts of spiritual rays. We all come from this one source, that spiritual Sun, and are all builders of the same life-atoms on all the various planes. It is this interior unity of being and of consciousness, as well as the exterior union of us all, which enables us to grasp intellectually and spiritually the mysteries of the universe; because not merely ourselves and our own fellow human beings, but also all other beings and things that are, are children of the same cosmic parent, Great Mother-Nature, in all her seven (and ten) Planes pr Worlds of Being. We are all rooted in the same cosmic Essence, whence we all proceed in the beginning of the primordial periods of world-evolution, and towards which we are all journeying back. This interlocking and interblending of the numberless hierarchies of beings forming the universe itself extends everywhere, in the invisible worlds as well as in the worlds which are visible. Finally, it is upon this fact of the spiritual unity of all beings and all things that reposes the basis and foundation of human ethics when these last are properly understood. In the Esoteric Philosophy ethics are no mere human convention or rules of action convenient and suitable for the amelioration of the asperities of human intercourse, but are...
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