Unity in Diversity

Topics: India, Assam, West Bengal Pages: 7 (2558 words) Published: October 2, 2010
This article was adjudged first in the state-level essay competition for school-students organised by the Government of West Bengal in 2005. PRIYANKA CHATTERJEE
into one framework India. Replete with distinctiveness, this land is divinely gifted with the boon of unity which solidifies its whole fabric. Here, in India, the bells of religion toll in different shrines but the sound of the bell preaches the same lesson of love, brotherhood, devotion which enriches the spirituality of all religion that coalesees into one in the Indian soil. This land has been the witness to Ramkrishna’s devotion, to Buddha’s attainment of Nirvana, to Ashoka’s metamorphosis from a savage king to a missionary of love. This land is a store-house of Mahavira’s lessons about life, Vivekananda’s principles of living, Mother Teresa’s blessings and re-vitalising smile. Here the Koran, the Bhagwat-Gita, the Bible, the Grantha Sahib merge into the book of love and life. Here the Vedic chant harmonises with Kabir’s dohas, the church bell rings in unison with the summoning of Allah, Guru Nanak is entreated with equal earnestness as Shiva. Indians are unified in celebrations which brighten every Indian face with the bright candles of Diwali. Embracing brotherhood in Id, exchanging happiness in Christmas, proclaiming victory of good over evil in the crackers of Dusshera, praying for the betterment of all in Guru Nanak Jayanti, we Indians, celebrate undivided joy, irrespective of caste or creed. As Holi colours the Indian sky with the colours of life, these festivities enrich the Indian soil with love, life and lovingness. They spread the message of love, health, happiness and hope. Unparallele is this unity in the face of the world as these festivities render India a complete union of cultures, races, jays, happinesses, people and celebrations. Yet, dangers to devastate this unifying force has been pouncing upon the land with its sharp claws. Sometimes natural, sometimes man-made, India has always been enmeshed by calamitous hours. Miscreants are always keeping a keen watch upon the country, in ambush, to agitate the tranquility of the country. This black-army rushes in through

The stormy sea breaking its foam against the firm
soil, the snow capped lofty peaks reaching the skies, the vast expanses of the desert effluxing scorching heat, the rain-washed forests brimming with freshness and green—a panoramic view through a kaliedoscope—India—a land unified by its diversity. Browsing through the country, diversity would be found in every corner, yet the spirit of unity lucid in every side. Rabindranath Tagore harmonised this innate spirit of India into one rhythm when he composed—“Punjab, Sindhu, Gujarat, Maratha,/ Dravida, Utkala Banga...”—our ‘National Anthem’, the lines that we all sing in one voice with pride, head and shoulders high above all, being children of this golden land. The Indian soil has its roots in the bed-rock of unity, which emanates from every nook, which is the Elan-vital, the vitalising energy of the Indian life-force. Diverse we are in cultures, surroundings, habits, life-style, preferences, costumes, yet, any where we are, within the countryborders, across the Pacific, among the stars and planets, or in the heart of the Earth, we are one in spirit, we are one in nationality, one in identity— Indian. With the dexterity of a painter Mother Nature seems to have embellished this land with the finesse of her brush and her immense motherly care. The sky-scraping Himalayas, white under the sparkling blanket of snow, standing in a majestic stature, barricading the country from foreign-forces, overlooking the lushes of green fields waving in the soothing breeze blowing over the tranquil blue waters of the Ganges, project the natural dyes of India. The dark-blue waves of the peninsula, the torrents of rain sweeping the greenish-blue East, the Thar, brown with its endless continent of desert awaiting...
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