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•A sentence has unity
if it expresses only
one main idea.


Consistent Use
of Tenses

• A verb in an adverbial
clause generally agrees
with the tense of the verb
in the main clause.

• Avoid unnecessary shifting
from first person to third
person or vice versa

Consistent use
of Number

• Shifting persons of pronouns will
destroy unity. The pronouns must
agree with their antecedents

Consistent Use
of Persons of

• Do not shift subject in a

Use of Subject

• Voice is the aspect of a verb
that tellswhether the
subjectperforms or receives
the action.

Consistent use
of Voice

• Mood is an aspect of the verb
which indicates whether the action
or condition is factual (indicative)
or contrary to fact (subjunctive)

of Mood

• Use the same language throughout
thesentence. Avoid the use of
foreign terms andphrases which
have notbeen incorporated into the

Consistent use
of Language


• It means putting ideas in
logical order showing their
relationship with one another.
The sentence elements should
be in proper word order.


• Avoid misplaced and
dangling modifier.


• A word or phrase that modifies the
wrong word.
• Example:
• Faulty: Listening to the radio, bits
of news are picked up by the


• A word that the verbal phrase should
logically modify is not the sentence .
• Example:
• Faulty: To glean an information, the
channel is turned to “Magandang Gabi


usually placed before the nouns
they modify.

•Phrase and clause modifiers of
nouns are usually placed
immediately after the words they


• The most important detail may be placed
in the first sentence or in the last sentence
of your paragraph.
If it is in the first sentence, it is said to be
DEDUCTIVE ORDER. If it is placed in
the last sentence, it is said to be
INDUCTICE ORDER. The sentence that
carries the most important detail is usually
the topic sentence.


• Refers to the uniformity in the
pattern of the grammatical
structures of words, phrases,
and sentences within a


• The series of details are arranged
in an ascending degree of
importance or interest. It is
usually used in narratives.


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