United States of Health Care

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine, Health economics / Pages: 22 (5252 words) / Published: Dec 28th, 2012
United States of Health Care
PHE 5005 Introduction to Health Services and Research
Sheena Williams
South University

Introduction The future of healthcare is at our fingertips. Healthcare is one of those industries that will never stop evolving as long s there are innovative leaders out there with ideas to improve healthcare delivery and quality of care. Recent healthcare news has been brewing around the topic of affordable healthcare. Even before we can make healthcare affordable, changes also need to occur within these healthcare organizations. Successful partnerships between healthcare policy and research are the starting point to be successful later. It is the foundation of healthcare services in the industry that surround the establishment of a successful partnership. In addition, it is important that physicians and healthcare personnel receive the necessary training in order to efficiently perform the duties of the job. This goes back to hospital delivery and quality of care. Evidence based research also plays a role in the foundation to improving the future of healthcare and its delivery. Evidence-based research is targeting ways at improving health care through research to improve policies that will work in conjunction with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Davis et al., (2012) mentioned a piece by Fendrick, Weiss, and Martin, (2012) “describes the efforts to enhance dissemination (by 2008 as many as 30 percent of employers used some form of VBID), culminating with incorporation of this concept into national policy” (pg. 331). Throughout this paper I will touch on topics like impact of partnerships, communication, evidence-based research, patient satisfaction, health reform, and the shift from hospital-based care to community care, and where the future of healthcare is headed in my opinion.

Impact of Successful Partnerships Bridging the gap between policy and research has become an issue of “Whether partnering with

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