United States Health Care

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Healthcare coverage is an important factor in all Americans lives and sadly enough most are unable to afford the cost of health care or know where to go to receive and have the right resources to help them obtain free or affordable healthcare. Some people are relying on their jobs to have healthcare insurance available for them and their families but it is also an issue when it comes to finding a job, not only a job but a job with the benefits of having affordable healthcare for their whole family. Over the years the United States has came a long way in healthcare but I still do not believe that the help is targeted at the right people who need it.
Stakeholders contribute to making the current health care system in the United States too complex and unmanageable because they are not thinking about everyone. When I say everyone I mean the rich, poor, young, and old. They are mainly thinking of themselves and how they can profit off of the healthcare system or save money that they already have. They stakeholder I believe has the most significant impact on the health care system is the large companies that try to get the best deal on their end while still making the employees happy. When they get the best deal for their corporation I believe they are making the prices for others rise because the insurance company has to supplement that money that they are missing out on somewhere else. The lead should come from the people, meaning everyone that is living and able to make a say in it. They should take some type of vote allowing everyone to get involved to see what the needs, wants, and concerns are of low income Americans, average income Americans, and high income Americans and base the health care system around everyone not just what the politicians feel are average.
The mal-distribution of Physicians persist in spite of the number of physicians graduated because of the funding available to them; while knowing what they should be making. The regular doctor will

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