United States Constitution and Johnny

Topics: United States Constitution, Prison, Walking Pages: 4 (852 words) Published: December 20, 2012

U4A2- NoRightsville

(20 points possible)

Read through the story below. Then re-read the story and use the highlighting tool in Word (or equivalent program) to find violations of rights protected by the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments (there will be 10). On the blanks below, write the number of the Amendment that has been violated and what right within that Amendment was violated. You will receive 1 point for correctly highlighting each amendment violation and 1 additional point for a correct explanation on the blanks below.

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon, and Johnny Norights was enjoying a nice nap. I should mention that Johnny Norights was really supposed to be working on his IDLA Government course. Johnny didn’t think too much of school, though, especially Government class and his awful Government teacher, so he decided he’d work on a nap instead.

Johnny lived in a little town of Suburbia called NoRightsville. People in NoRightsville didn’t care too much about their rights. But maybe they should! As Johnny started to irresponsibly drift off to sleep instead of working on his U4A2 assignment for his Government class he started to dream about NoRightsville…

He dreamed he was walking around his fair little town on that sunny Tuesday afternoon. He walked past a police officer removing a “Simmons for Governor!” sign in a front yard. That didn’t bother Johnny too much- he personally didn’t care who was Governor. What difference would his vote make, anyway?

Johnny walked down the street and took a left at the Church of NoRightsville. Everybody in town went to the same church, mostly because it was the only church in town. The mayor and city council didn’t allow any other churches in NoRightsville. This didn’t seem to bother Johnny too much, either. People seemed pretty happy with the Church of NoRightsville, so that was alright with him.

As Johnny passed McRightsville, the local burger joint, he heard a siren and saw...
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