United States Bankruptcy Law and Grand Opening

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
They were furious with each other that day. Their relationship that day was cold as the cold rain. Arguments, misunderstandings; These two were in their lives that rainy day. While arguing they were passing by the church, the town square and the cemetery until it rain. The rain made Ayela crazy that made her said things that she should have not said. When they passed by the square, they saw a cow like a statue. Frederick Linde tried to hit it but it didn’t work. That was the time they had their unity back because they wanted to help the cow. After that, Ayela just stayed silent that pissed off Mr. Linde and was ready to go but Ayela made him stop when he asked him “You won’t leave, will you, Frederick?” and he just answered back “never”. So in the end of the day, they spent their day as a happy couple. Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
It was afternoon of June 10 and excitement for the evening event was all over Santa Rosalia. At the Linde household, chaos reigned. The younger boys ran in and out of the house. Of course Concha didn’t forget to shout at them. Frederick Linde was ready to go but his family still asked many question like “where will I meet you later?”, “why can’t we come tonight?”. He just took a deep breath and with blistering patience. The family was oblivious of his pained efforts. After all those things he decided to go. While he was driving, he had no destination in mind. So he went to a bar though he wasn’t a drinking man. His travels was finished when he stopped by the town of Santa Rosalia. The truth is Mr. Linde still wants to travel far even for one year. It’s almost time for the “Arts Pavilion” but Fredrick Linde is still in the Bar having a little chit-chat with the bartender. But after that, he went to the...
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