United States and U.s. Foreign Policy

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American Government B
Unit 3 Portfolio Options
*Choose ONE of the following ____ options to complete.
*DO NOT follow the directions listed in the lesson (U3L11).
*Live Lesson on April _____th will review these directions.
*Every option MUST include a list of bibliography with at least three sources.
*DO NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, or any other unreliable source.

1. Read the letter to the editor “Not in Our Son’s Name” by Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez. The article is a plea from the parents of 911 victim Gregory Rodriguez to the government not to go to war to avenge their son.
2. Respond to the Rodriguez family by writing a 1.5-2 page letter supporting or disagreeing with their position based on facts from reliable sources.
3. The letter must include:
1-2 pages of text in Times-Roman 12 font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced.
Proper letter format.
At least 3 verifiable facts about world politics, or U.S. foreign policy.
Bibliography with at least three sources.

1. Choose a major US diplomatic crisis to review. After some research, write a 2-page on the crisis. Focus on how the U.S. State Department worked to diffuse the crisis.
2. Possible examples of crises to be reported on include:
Iran-Hostage Crisis, 1979
Bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon in 1982.
WikiLeaks Crisis, 2010.
Ax Murder Incident, Korean Demilitarized Zone, 1976.
U.S.S. Pueblo Incident, 1968.
Berlin Blockade, 1946-1947.

The U.S. State Department issues travel advisories and prevent U.S. citizens from entering certain countries. *Start your research at the State Department website.*
1. Create a PowerPoint presentation answering the question: What countries are U.S. citizens not allowed to visit and why?
2. Discuss the diplomatic history of the U.S. with these countries and create a PowerPoint presentation that:
Includes at least ten slides.
Contains historical facts about the countries citizens are not allowed to

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