United States and Thoreau

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What was Thoreau's position on the Mexican War? Why? [paragraph 1] He thought the Mexican war was meaningless therefore he was against it. He also believed that if everyone protested and stood up for what they believed the government would be forced to stop the war. He believed that the government was becoming too powerful & corrupt.

Who does Thoreau hold responsible for the accomplishments of America? Examples? [paragraph 2] American people were held responsible for the accomplishments of America.
What role should "majority rule" play in government? [paragraph 4] They should play fair and balanced and it be constituted as a majority of one. The majority has the power to rule and the responsibility not to trample the rights of the minority. The minority must have the right to become the majority and have its voice heard. We should not wait until one has a majority of one to do the right thing.

If the law requires you to uphold injustice to another, then what should you do, according to Thoreau? Disobey, and if force is used against you then you have every right to reciprocate that force.

Why was Thoreau jailed?
He rebelled against the government and refused to support their position on the war. Because of his strong beliefs he was jailed.
Why did he believe he was jailed?
Thoreau believes he was jailed because he rebelled against the government.
When does Thoreau believe that a free and enlightened state will exist? When everyone takes a stand against the government and when they do not rule.
What are some examples of injustices today?
Women in some countries who are not allowed to go to school. Racism.
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