United States and the Five Basic Principles

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United States and the Five Basic Principles
In ethics there are five basic principles and they are the value of life principle, the principle of goodness or rightness, the principle of justice or fairness, the principle of truth telling or honesty, and the principle of individual freedom. These principles can apply to many things, but when it comes to the United States following them this is how they are applied.

The first principle is the value of life, and this means that human beings should respect life and death. People in the United States do follow this in a way. People do accept that there is life because they are here, but some people do not accept death. It is hard for people to accept this one because it means they have loss someone who is important to them, or that they will one day die. But they still respect that there is death in the world and that you just have to face it.

The second principle is goodness and rightness. This principle means that one should do good and right, and that you should not do wrong. United States follows this principle also by just choosing to do the right thing instead of the wrong thing. The United States does not do harm to other or the people of the country and it prevents badness or harm on others. This is also part of the principle that one should not harm or prevent harm to others, and United States has laws to protect any harm to citizens and when harm does happen to someone they make sure that it does not happen again.

The third principle is justice or fairness, and this means that when one has done goodness or badness that they are treated fairly and have justice. If someone has done something good that should be treated fairly and that person should have justice; which means, someone should reward or congratulate that person for doing something good. But if someone does wrong then they should still be treated fairly with justice. The United States follows this principle very closely, because when one...
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