United States and Iraq Become Enemies

Topics: Iraq, Saddam Hussein, World War II Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: December 11, 2012
United States and Iraq Become Enemies|
U.S takes over Oil Supply|

In the beginning stages of the Cold War, Truman and Eisenhower administrations thought it would be a good idea to keeping a closer watch on the Soviet Union. The administrations saw that if alliances were made in the Middle East, they could help stop the spread of communism and a more powerful anti-Soviet alliance could be formed. With the Middle East on our side not only could the United States feel a little bit safer from the USSR, but the States could also control the very large oil deposits found in the Middle East, one of which is found in the country currently known as Iraq. Iraq was created by Great Britain at the end of World War I; it was the former Ottoman Empire. Great Britain, seeing an opportunity to have some control, appointed a king of Iraq that was that was an ally of Great Britain. In 1958, military officers were able to overpower the current western government, and establish a republic government. The major goals of the republic were to gain control of the oil resources in the country by taking it away from the United States and Great Britain. The republic was able to remain in control for about ten years until there was a successful led by the Ba’thist, which until recently was led by Saddam Hussein. The United States wanted to have some sort of control of Iraq and its oil supply. The U.S began to post posters and brochures all over the Middle East. In Iraq, shops, schools, and other public locations had anti-communism posters. Iraq not only saw the posters, but also received the anti-communist material in the mail, from film units, as well as religious leaders. During the early 1950’s Iraq and the United States worked together in trying to stop the spread of communism. The Soviets realized the interest that the United States had in the oil in Iraq and used this weakness against the United States. “The United States saw the potential for...

Bibliography: Buzzanco, Robert. “How did Iraq and United States become Enemies?” Vietnam and the Transformation of American Life: http:// hnn. us/articles/1066.html
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