United States and Gin Change Slavery

Topics: American Civil War, United States, Thomas Jefferson Pages: 1 (545 words) Published: January 20, 2015
AP US History
Ch. 11-17 Study Guide

1. Why was Thomas Jefferson concerned with the purchase of Louisiana? How did its purchase affect the size of the nation? He was concerned because he didn’t believe in loose interpretation. The purchase was supposed to double the size. 2. Why was Jefferson’s Embargo Act considered a failure? Because the north started to lose a lot of money because there was no trade. 3. What were the effects of the War of 1812?We gained respect as a country for standing up to the British Empire and led to the fall of the federalist party. 4. Describe the Era of Good FeelingsThere was less bitterness and there was more nationalism and we were running on a two party system federalist and democratic-republican 5. Explain the components of the American System.Made a protective tariff, made all European goods more expensive, and built more roads and bridges. 6. Explain the Missouri Compromise.Let Missouri become out 24th state but made it so that only southern states could be slave states. 7. Why is this time period known as the era of the common man? How did Jackson exploit that idea?Because Jackson was the common man and the president. 8. Explain the nullification argument supported by Southerners such as John Calhoun.By stating that states could nullify federal laws within their borders. 9. How did Native Americans fight back against the Indian Removal Acts?There where court cases such as Cherokee vs Georgia. 10. Why did Jackson veto the bank? What were some of the effects of this action?Because he believed that the national bank held too much power, the effects of this was that he had made pet banks to put the money in and we had price inflation. 11. Compare and contrast the Whig Party and the Democratic Party. 12. How did Eli Whitney’s cotton gin change slavery? Because slavery was...
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