United States and Disney

Topics: United States, Walt Disney, The Walt Disney Company Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: April 5, 2013
1.Why is it necessary for Disney to build brand awareness in China and other emerging markets? It is necessary for Disney to build brand awareness in China and other emerging markets such as India and South Korea. This is because in 2006, only twenty five percent of Disney’s revenues came from outside of the Unites States. Also, during this time Disney had a “one size fits all policy”, which they have since gotten rid of. The reason Disney is a multibillion dollar company in the US is because we have been surrounded by Disney for a few decades now. We know every character and detail of each movie, often times by heart. By building more brand awareness in the countries with emerging markets, Disney heightens its chances for more recognition in those countries. This recognition will create a stronger willingness to not only visit Disney, but all purchase the animated and action packed movies we as Americans have loved for decades. The move into China represents "a huge commercial opportunity for Disney", according to Andy Milligan, of branding consultancy Interbrand. "America and Western Europe is pretty much taken care of, but Asia is a big and growing market," he told the BBC's World Service. "There is an increasingly affluent middle-class in China, so they have money to spend and money to travel." Such is Disney's faith that China's communist youth will embrace the likes of Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty, the company is doing little to dampen speculation that another theme park will eventually be built in Shanghai. "There's very little doubt in my mind that there will be a market further north in China for a second Disneyland," said Mr Rasulo. Disney are about to build brand in China. Disney expects that about one-third of the visitors to its Hong Kong park - the firm's second in Asia after Tokyo - will come from mainland China. "It's one part of an overall brand building process," said Jay Rasulo, president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. "We've had to...
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