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Improving the Education System in the United States

Education is the key to success. Having a good education allows people to be offered different opportunities throughout life. People with a high level of education tend to do better. People with a lower quality of education do not do as well as people who receive their masters and/or doctorate degrees. Education is different for all people depending on the cities they live in. People who live in suburban areas are exposed to a not necessarily better education but one of higher quality. Students who attend school in urban areas face problems such as standardized testing and funding issues. The United States as a whole has many tribulations when it comes to education that needs to be improved. There are many policies that could be suggested for improving the education system in the United States. Policies such as ‘Race to the Top’ and ‘No Child left Behind’ can help to improve the education system; however they should be implemented with minor tweaks. These policies were brought about because of the education problems in the United States. ‘Race to the Top’ is a program where schools K-12 are in competition to innovate and reform their schools. Schools that meet all the criteria are awarded money from the federal funding. ‘No Child Left Behind’ is a program which was designed to encourage student achievement and hold schools accountable for students’ progress. Both programs are funded federally and have a specific criterion that needs to be met in order to be successful. They are expected to teach students in way that proves they are learning while they are in school all day, they are expected to provide with the best educators and improve standardized testing scores. Sometimes it seems as if these policies do not reach all of America. These programs are designed for poor students or schools that are display that students have a number of problems when it comes to education such as learning disorders and...

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