United Scree Printers

Topics: Inkjet printer, Project management, Plan, Project, Printing / Pages: 3 (763 words) / Published: Nov 18th, 2014
United Screen Printers: Project Portfolio Process
Michael Vazquez

Brandman University
Economic Analysis

Professor Walter Bunch
November 16, 2014

Introduction The Project Portfolio Process (PPP) attempts to link the organization’s projects directly to the goals and strategy of the organization (Meredith, Shafer, Mantel & Sutton, 2014, p. 22, paragraph 3). This linkage to the goals and strategies of United Screen Printer’s to its project portfolio, not only occurs in the project’s initiation and planning phases, but throughout the life cycle of the project. The first order of business is to place projects into categories of project as they relate to the goals and strategies of United Screen Printers. As illustrated in the analysis of this paper, I’ve developed an Aggregate Project Plan that accomplishes this by assigning the projects into four different project categories. These four categories are: 1) Derivative Projects – these projects are often meant to replace or augment current offerings, 2) Platform Projects – major departures from existing products/service, 3) Breakthrough Projects – typically newer technology and 4) R&D Projects – the projects are “blue-sky,” visionary endeavors (Meredith, Shafer, Mantel & Sutton, 2014, p. 24, paragraph 2). I then created a weighted score card to further categorize, analyze and aligns the projects with the goals and strategies of United Screen Printers. Utilizing these analytical tools I have been able to place the proposed projects for United Screen Printers into their requisite categories, recommend criteria for selecting projects for this year and made recommendations for moving forward with projects. Analysis By analyzing the data provided for the six proposed projects for United Screen Printers, I was able to create an Aggregate Project Plan. An Aggregate Project Plan is one way to position many of the projects (particularly product/service development projects) in in terms of the extent of product

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