United Nations Representative: Making Hawaiian an official language

Topics: United States, Hawaii, Hawaiian language Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: February 6, 2014
The Hawaiian language is native to the United States, specifically the state of Hawaii. It belongs to the Austronesian family, on the Malayo-Polynesian branch, of the Oceanic language group. It is said that Tahitian or Marquesan travelers sailed to the Hawaiian archipelago around 1000 A.D, settling onto the islands and creating Hawaiian. Hawaiian was the only language spoken there until Captain Cook’s arrival in 1778. Currently, there are 1000 native speakers and 8000 fluent speakers of the Hawaiian language, placing it on the list of potentially endangered languages. In the state of Hawaii, diffusion of the language could begin by simply teaching it in schools. By doing this, children and teenagers can become fluent in the language and eventually teach it to their kids, and so on. Starting with a young generation is a great way to spread things because of the widespread use of social networks and other means of communication. Using the language on publicly broadcasted displays, such as T.V, commercials, written advertisements, news stations, and the radio, would attract more attention to the language and therefore a greater desire for people to learn Hawaiian in order to understand their surroundings. Usually, people learn something new to adapt to their environment easier. When you don’t know the native language of where you are, you feel confused. By spreading the Hawaiian language, more people will feel the need to learn it, and there will be more speakers. Although a common misconception is that the U.S’s main language is English, the United States is a country with no official language. As much of a melting pot the U.S is, there should be one language used across the country to prevent confusion and to grant easy translation. English is already so widely used across the country, being the official language of over half of the 50 states, so making it the country’s language would just be easier on everyone. An official language provides a...
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