United Nations Charter and Chapter Xviii

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1)Which of the following did Chips become more skillful at after marrying Katherine? (from Chapter VI) ·Cooking.
·Balancing his personal and work lives.
·Dealing with parents.

2)What did Chips note that he had never done in his life? (from Chapter XVII through Chapter XVIII) ·Sat in an automobile.
·Traveled by air.
·Listened to a radio.
·Traveled to the southern coast.

3)In Chapter 7, where does Chips remember Katherine laughing? (from Chapter VII through Chapter VIII) ·On a picnic.
·At their flat.
·The school corridor
·Outside church.

4)What did Chips tell his visitor in Chapter 6 had been forgotten at Brookfield? (from Chapter VI) ·A vandalism incident.
·The athletics program.
·How to give students a well-rounded education.

5)What was contained in the stack of letters on Chips' desk? (from Chapter VII through Chapter VIII) ·Exam results.
·Letters of condolence.
·Blank papers.
·Thank you cards.

6)After Meldrum's death, what did Chips hope would happen? (from Chapter X) ·That Chips could retire.
·That Chips would be made headmaster.
·That a new passionate headmaster would be hired.
·That Chips would be made head of the language department.

7)When did Chips begin to feel unwell? (from Chapter XVII through Chapter XVIII) ·After Christmas.
·After his birthday.
·After the end of the winter term.
·After Armistice Day

8)How did Chips tell Linford how he felt when he first started teaching at Brookfield? (from Chapter XVII through Chapter XVIII) ·Excited.

9)Someone in Chapter 9 states that Chips 'gets away with' which of the following? (from Chapter IX) ·Being cruel to the students.
·Leaving school early.
·Doing less work than other teachers.
·Saying anything.

10)What instrument did Katherine play? (from Chapter VII through Chapter VIII) ·The piano.
·The flute.
·The cello.
·The violin.

11)What began to spring up quite near to Brookfield in 1915? (from Chapter XIII) ·Low-cost housing.
·Refugee camps.
·Military camps.

12)How does Chips describe the Edwardian decade which followed Queen Victoria's death? (from Chapter X) ·As frenzied.
·As uneventful.
·As painful.
·As prosperous.

13)In what year did Katherine die? (from Chapter VII through Chapter VIII) ·1880.

14)In Chapter 14, how many people were killed in the air raid near Brookfield? (from Chapter XIV through Chapter XV) ·Nine.

15)What was the name of the school butler? (from Chapter VI) ·Griffin.

16)What illness did Chips recall two-thirds of the school once having contracted? (from Chapter XII) ·German measles.
·Scarlet Fever.
·Chicken pox.

17)In Chapter 14, how many bombs had fallen in and around Brookfield? (from Chapter XIV through Chapter XV) ·Five.

18)Where did Chips and Sir John Rivers take a walk together? (from Chapter XI) ·Throughout the village.
·By the river.
·The cricket pitches.
·The school corridor.

19)What did Brookfield boys do during the 1926 General Strike? (from Chapter XVI) ·They walked the picket line in support.
·They loaded vans with food.
·The collected clothing for the poor.
·They stayed confined to their dormitories.

20)Where was Linford from? (from Chapter XVII through Chapter XVIII) ·Herefordshire.

21)Who once visited Brookfield in honor of Speech Day? (from Chapter IX) ·Stanley Baldwin.
·Sir Robert Peel.
·Neville Chamberlain.
·David Lloyd George.

22)In what year did Chips retire? (from Chapter XII)

23)How did Chips cause controversy in Chapter 10? (from Chapter X) ·By disappearing for a week.
·By insulting a boy from a wealthy family.
·Through his...
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