United Emirates

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United arab emirates
General inf
Reach history, emblem hork – strength in the desert – this bird is the strongest in the desert. Black represents oil, red is the blood splet in wars. There were 7 territories, now it is one country. It ismonarchy absolute Country is situated in gulf, neigbours catar. Good for trade and economic Only 116th in the world, dgp is very interesting and rather high. In the Late 17th …

Rulers the country is headed by the president, also there is vice president. it is Islamic country. The rulers of other emirates there are, they form rather large family collaboration. They respect their traditions Federal country with president and supreme council and each emirTE has a monarch 1971 free from british metropoly, decided to become a seculae state. Consists of several permanent members, president and vice president enjoy the capacity of veto. They r responsible for autentification of law. The elections go as a majority vote, this 5 should include the abu dabi and… president and vice president Legislative branch is represented by federal national council 200 are chosen by the electoral colegies. This people are chosen for the 2 year term. Women are not so widely elected Hezetair

Judicial branch. Exams dif laws.
Great mixture of very fast development, very great collaboration of traditions secular state and religion. !!! Mistakes in key points don’t make and time, no interesting – exciting strange weird, maximum 10 min. as for gdp or by gdp – never say what about gdp

Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Symbol is flag, 2 official anthems of Canada oh Canada and a royal anthem god save the queen. Ruler is queen Elizabeth 2, they have the word the crown, david loe Johnson, prime minister It ranks !!! фраза 37th by population, 13th place by its gdp, 9th gdp per capita so its very rich country, 11th place to 2013 All the political system is headed by rhe crown, it has representatives in each power branch. Parlaiament of...
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