Unit9 Values and Planning

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In this first part of my assignment I will be explaining the different values and principles that are applied in care planning and how they will enable the provision of holistic support for service users. Providing direct care/ meeting and supporting the individuals needs Meeting the individual’s needs, making sure that they recognise and promote the rights of the individual and making sure that they have a right to make choices and engaging in having their needs met are all important in social care. Independence and the wellbeing of the individual using their services should be promoted by the professional so full potential is achieved. The professional should also take part in assessments to ensure the safety and protection of their client. When identifying the individual’s needs, it helps you to create a care plan for them so that their needs are met. A professional should pay them regular visits. On these visits they may identify that the environment that they are living in is not suitable for them. All the information collected would help them to make decisions on what arrangements need to be made to meet their needs. Promotion of choice

Every individual should have the right to make their own choices and what they want to do. The choices could be things such as what activities they want to take part for that day. They could do this independently or with assistance if wanted. Promotion of rights

In a health and social care environment, individuals all have the rights to choice, confidentiality and to also have their individuality acknowledged and respected. Some of the rights that they have are to be able to voice their opinions and for any form of communication received to be effective. Also to be able to practice their culture and religious beliefs. Policies and procedures of the organisation that is providing them with care should be available for access to all the individuals and if they feel that their needs are not being met they can make a...
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