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Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Typography Pages: 38 (811 words) Published: May 22, 2014
Unit Number and Title
Assessment Title
Course Title
Assessment Code
Unit 23 – Human Resources Development - Level 5
Human Resources Development
HND Business
HNDBUS Specialist Unit23/April2014
Hand Out Date
24th January 2014
Hand In Date
11th April 2014 before 12.00 Midday
Dr Osman Khan
Internal Verifier
Alan Jeffery
Sources of information
1. Course notes and lecture slides accessible on LSST Connect 2. Recommended learning textbooks
Gold, J and Bratton, J (2007),, Human Resource Development: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke 3. Websites
CPD (2013) The CPD Certification Service [Online] Available at http://www.cpduk.co.uk/[accessed 7 January 2014] AHRD (n.d) Academy of Human Resource Development [Online] Available at www.ahrd.org [accessed 7 January 2014]

To be filled by the student
Student Name

Student ID


Assessment Requirements
An electronic copy of your assessment must be fully uploaded by the deadline date and time. You must submit one single PDF or MS Office Word document. Any relevant images or screenshots must be included within the same MS Office Word or PDF document. The last version you upload will be the one that is marked. You must declare it as your final submission. Review the mitigating circumstances policy for information relating to extensions. The file size must not exceed 20MB.

Answer the criteria in order, clearly indicating the CRITERIA number. Ensure that all work has been proof-read and checked prior to submission. Ensure that the layout of your documents are in a professional format with font style Arial, font size 12 for the text, font 14 for sub heading and font 16 for main heading, line spacing 1.5 and justified. Use the Harvard referencing system and provide references [e.g. (Smith, 2011)] within the text and an entry in a references list. Otherwise it will be considered as plagiarised work. Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply version control to your documents. Ensure that any file you upload is virus-free, not corrupted and not protected by a password otherwise it will be treated as a non-submission. You must NOT submit a paper copy or email of this assessment to any member of staff at LSST. Your work must be original with the appropriate referencing.

In order to achieve Pass, students must achieve all the pass criteria below.

Source: http://lerablog.org/business/how-to-protect-your-reputation-as-a-valuable-human-resources-rep/

LO1: Understand learning theories and learning styles

LO2: Be able to plan and design training and development


LO3: Be able to evaluate a training event

LO 4 Understand government-led skills development initiatives



In order to achieve Merit, students should achieve all the Learning Outcomes plus M1, M2 and M3


In order to achieve Distinction, students should achieve all the Learning Outcome, all merits plus D1,D2 and D3


(online) Available from:http://www.pacific.edu/Campus-Life/Safety-and-Conduct/Safety-and-Security/Online-Social-Networking-Dangers-and-Benefits-.htmlaccessed2nd April 2014.

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(online)Available from:www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/online-university-chancellor-hails-e-learningaccessed7th April 2014.

(online) available from:http://smallbusiness.chron.com/advantages-teleconferencing-43216.htmlaccessed10th April 2014.

(online)Available from:www.RRAC.AC.UK.accessed10th April 2014.

(online) Available...
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