Unit1 –D1 Strategies used in health and social care.

Topics: Communication, Translation, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1331 words) Published: April 19, 2015

In this essay, I will be evaluating how effective strategies are in supporting service users within the health and social care sector. The use of human aids requires a lot of training and knowledge. However human aids make it easier to communicate and create a better understanding. Advantages of advocates is that they are able to help communicate on behalf of service users who can’t do so themselves. They also try to understand service users and would try and assist them in dealing with their difficulties. An example would be a disabled child who is unable to communicate his/her needs, however an advocator would understand what the child wants and speak on his/her behalf. Advocates can make a big difference to a service user’s life. This would include disabled children or young people who have been victims of abuse or neglect and those who are unable to make decisions regarding their lives or not having any say in what should happen to them. An advocate can have a great impact in a service user’s life, by supporting them and trying to understand their wishes and views and communicating this. Advocates would improve a service user’s confidence and self-esteem. It improves the chance for children to speak out about abuse and neglect. An advocate helps service users want to give more of their opinion. Advocates can improve service users’ quality of life, through establishing a service user’s likes and dislikes, which in turn, contributes to improving their lives for the better. With the help of advocates, hidden problems can be revealed due to the development of the advocate’s relationship with the service user, as service users are more likely to raise more issues. Disadvantages of advocates are that they might sometimes find it difficult to understand what service users might be trying to suggest. So advocates can assume things and it might be the wrong information, thus leaving service users unhappy. It also takes a very long time to have the skills and...
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