Unit Outline Introductory To Marketing

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COM200 Introductory Marketing
Section 1: General Information

Unit Administrative Details
Name of Unit
COM200 Introductory Marketing


HE Award(s)
Diploma of Commerce

12 weeks


Core or Elective Unit
Core Unit


Unit Weighting
Unit W eight
6 credit points


Total course points
48 credit points

Student Workload
No. Timetabled hours*
No. Personal study hours**
Total workload hours***
60 hours
40 hours
100 hours
Total time spent per week at lectures, tutorials, clinical and other placements. **
Total time students are expected to spend per week in studying, completing assignments. ***
That is, * + ** = workload hours.


Mode of Delivery
Face-to-Face Delivery


No Prerequisites for this Unit


Contact Details
The lecturer and tutor for this unit is Jacinta Goerke JGoerke@studygroup.com. For administration and accounting enquires, please contact front desk on 08-6462 1347

COM200 Introductory Marketing T1 - 2015

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Section 2 – Academic Information

Unit Description
This unit in introductory marketing is a core subject in the Diploma of Commerce. It will be delivered in a series of interactive classroom lectures, workshops and tutorials. Marketing is the link between the internal workings of the organisation and end-consumers. It includes a detailed analysis of consumers and competitors and the subsequent development of effective marketing mix strategies, given organisation objectives. As an introductory unit to marketing, this course covers a range of topics such as the product life cycle; branding; market positioning; targeting and segmentation; consumer behaviour, business buying behaviour and marketing communication. It provides commerce students with a basis upon which to further build marketing skills. The topics are organised and delivered in a structure that allows students to understand and discuss rational approaches to “marketing as a business offering”. There is an equal focus on the marketing of products, services and ideas.

2.2 Unit Goal
The goal of this unit is to introduce students to the marketing discipline through a series of topics such as benefits, attributes, value, co-creation, market positioning, market segmentation, market research, consumer behaviour and the marketing mix.


Student Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this unit students will be able to: 1. Identify and understand the key role marketing plays in business, government and society. 2. Identify and analyse marketing concepts and discuss relevance to organisational challenges. 3. Analyse and interpret marketing mix elements and design appropriate improved coordinated actions 4. Understand how new marketing offerings are established.

5. Understand the role and importance of credible marketing research. 6. Apply marketing concepts to real world situations and settings.


Generic Graduate Skills
In addition to the student learning outcomes listed above which are specific to this unit, Study Group Australia programs aim to equip students with a range of generic skills which will help to ensure success in your student and professional lives. All Study Group Australia programs promote the acquisition and application of the following generic skills to varying degrees: 1. Effective written and oral communication skills.

2. Interpersonal communication skills, including collaboration and teamwork. 3. Research and information literacy.
4. Critical evaluation and assessment of information.
5. Creativity and independent thought.
6. Ability to set and achieve individual and team deadlines. 7. Sound problem solving and analytical skills.
8. Ethical conduct and cultural awareness.

COM200 Introductory Marketing T1 - 2015

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