Unit Hsc 24 Principle of Safeguarding and Protecting in a Healthcare Setting

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

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Physical abuse can be defined as an act of another party involving contact intended To cause feelings of pain or injuries this can be done by punching, kicking, biting, Slapping, head butting. Physical abuse can also be caused by mistreatment or not Been given the correct level of care and support.

The signs and symptoms that are associated with physical abuse are marks that may be in unusual places as well as bruises these may be covered up in an attempt to hide what is going on there could also be bite marks scars and broken bones

Sexual abuse can be defined as an unwanted sexual act that has been forced on a Person or the threat of it being used on a person this can also involve some one taking Pictures of somebody naked body.

The symptoms that go with this type of abuse could consist of a young person be to Forward sexually for there age or they could become scared of the opposite sex there Could also be some bruising as well as problems sitting down and if the person has Any STDs could also be a sign of abuse

Emotional /psychological abuse is characterized by a person subjecting or exposing Another to behaviour that may result in trauma. It can also be the threat of violence To cause mental or physical abuse humiliation or treating the person as a child.

Signs and symptoms that go with this type of abuse can be depression weight loss Sleep loss and behavioural change the person may become withdrawn from society Over a period of time the person could develop a low self-esteem.

Financial abuse is the deliberate theft of money or property or some one borrowing Money and never giving it back.

The signs and symptoms associated with this type of abuse are unaccounted money Loss no food in the persons home stealing food and always being sort of money even just after being paid or receiving benefits.

Institutional abuse is the maltreatment of people from a system of power or the failure Of an organisation to provide the correct level of care to an individual or if the rights of somebody are being denied.

The signs and symptoms for this type of abuse can be beds sores the person could be Scared of staff. Lack of choice being offered for example at meal times everybody Being made to eat at the same time inadequate staffing levels could be another Cause of mistreatment. There is also lack of proper training for staff which could again be a cause of this type of abuse.

Self neglect can be describe as behavioural condition were a person fails to attend to There own basic needs such as personal hygiene feeding themselves or taking medication

Signs of this type of abuse could be withdrawn behaviour failure to attend medical Appointments not being clean and weight loss and depression.

Neglect by others is the deliberate failure by staff to provide the necessary level of Care for an individual to meet there needs this can include the failure to administer Medication or to provide meals

Signs of this type of abuse can be weight loss and malnutrition bed sores. Not being clean depression and any medical conditions they have getting progressively worse.


A person may be more vulnerable to abuse because of there own circumstances That they find themselves in such as

Homeless people- may become open to abuse as they may be sleeping rough and Getting abuse from members of the public or children picking on them they may have to beg for food which could lead to people abusing them or get them to do things for food.

Mental health problems- people with mental health issues could be open to abuse Because people could take advantage of them if they did not know what they were Entitled to they could take money from them or food because the person may not Have the capacity to speak up for them self.

Drug abuse- someone whom is dependent on drugs can be open to abuse...
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