Unit Eight Interview

Topics: United States, Man, Common law Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Kevin Billingslea
MBA5841-12E-4A13-S1: MBA 5841- 12E-4A13-S1, Strategic Marketing Unit Eight Interview

My interview was with a new associate of mine, not only is this young man virtually new to Alabama he is new to the United States. He seems to be a lot different from a lot of other younger guys his age which is 20 years of age. He seems to be a lot more relaxed and possess an inner happiness. His name is Mfanfikile Nkambule he is from Johannesburg, South Africa. Mfanfikile is here to complete his missionary assignment. He is a member of the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Before he came here he had completed his first year of college in Johannesburg where he studied Business with an emphasis in Logistics. After he completes his two year mission assignment he plans to return home and complete his studies, although he wants to work in the health field eventually. After talking to Mfanfikile I discovered that he and another young man from his village departed together to fulfill their responsibilities for the church and they are actually looked upon as having a special opportunity to travel. So both of these young men have some added pressure to complete their tasks in a way that brings pride and dignity to their villages and homes. He told me the other young man went to England this shows me that they are very dedicated in their religious convictions.

Interview questions:
1. What are the main differences you have experienced in the way Americans conduct their business here in the4 states? Answer: Business in the States is very strict and much more formal than in South Africa. Business here is well organized and well-managed as compared to what I am used to at home. 2. Differences you have experienced between business in the United States and other Nations? Answer: Customer Service here is more satisfying for the consumer in the United States than in my...
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