Unit Cu808 – Recognise Diversity When Delivering Customer Service

Topics: Disability, Morality, Customer Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Unit CU808 – Recognise Diversity When Delivering Customer Service 3.1) It is important to recognise diversity as a person dealing with customers because there are a wide range of cultures, beliefs and attitudes with different expectations and needs coming to use your facilities, so it is vital to be able to respect this and cater for their needs accordingly. It is also important to follow the Equality Act 2010 as it is a legislation act which organisations and its employees must abide to. For example, if I worked in a cafe serving a variety of meats, I can cater for other groups of people such as Vegetarians and those of a Muslim background by offering vegetarian food and Halal food. By doing this, I am being respectful to their beliefs and am still able to provide them with a service. 3.2) The consideration of diversity and inclusion issues can affect the way you deliver customer service to people. This is because you don’t want to offend a particular group of people and run the risks of communicating poorly with them, which could put them off using the facilities. For example, if I get a customer who doesn’t speak English as a first language, I would need to alter my delivery of customer service. To do this, I would simplify my speech and use key English words that they are most likely to understand. I could also use my body language to gesture an action to make them understand better (e.g. pointing in the direction of the toilets). 3.3) Our organisation tries to include all diverse groups of people by offering services designed especially for their needs and training staff to deal with scenarios should they arise. Some of the services we provide are Kids Boxing and Football classes (our gym age requirement is 16), so we are trying to include all ages within our organisation. As well as this, we have customers who have a form of disability, such as wheelchair users and visually impaired individuals, and it is our duty to ensure these people can access all...
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