Unit 9 P4

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Out of all promotional media, Tv advertising is considered to have the most impact on viewers but the internet is fast approaching. The main reason advertising is so effective is because of the size of the audience that it reaches. Nearly every household in the UK has a television. TV has become part of our everyday lifestyle. Everyone in the UK watches at least two hours of television per day, due to all this television watching commercials are seen more than any other media. Not everyone that views the commercial is going to buy the product that is being advertised but the odds increase with a larger audience.

TV advertising reaches a large audience. It also allows you to target certain customers, this is done by placing the ads on certain channels where the product being advertised may appeal to the person viewing the channel, for example a product marked to older men and women might be more successful if used in prime time or after hours. TV ads are most effective because they reach consumers when they are most open to new ideas. The average TV viewer is in a relaxed state of mind when watching TV, which means they are ready to be entertained and learn new things. Their work or school day is done and its time to relax. The viewers are unoccupied, their brains are ready to be engaged which makes people more likely to be effected by TV advertising.


A local newspaper will have a smaller circulation than the regional one, but it might target your market better, it is generally cheaper to place a newspaper ad in a local paper. Other types of newspapers may include trade papers, college newspapers, and weekly shoppers.

Before making a newspaper ad you have to think long and hard about what message you want to get across to the customer and how the customer will find your advertisement. One way to find out what your customers are reading is to ask them either verbally or through a...
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