Unit 9 Assignment

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Creating a Safe Environment: 2-4 year Olds
CE220: Unit 9 Assignment Step-by-Step
Kaplan University
S. B
August 12, 2014
As an early childhood provider working with 2-4 year old children I will be sure to provide a safe, healthy, and appropriate indoor and outdoor learning environment that helps their developmental characteristics. When preparing my indoor learning environment as well as my outdoor learning environment I have to take into consideration each child; their needs, their skills, their backgrounds, etc. For my indoor learning environment it is extremely important to make sure that the area is welcoming for the students as well as the parents, I will make sure that the area is lit properly (natural light and/ or energy saving bulbs) and full of colors. The furniture in the classroom will be child sized and very sturdy. Children will also be assigned their own cubbies where they will be able to place their knapsacks and other belongings (this gives them a hint of independence). There will be different sections of the classroom for different activities (reading area, drama/pretend play area, circle area, music area, etc.), not just for play but will enhance their social, emotional, physical and cognitive domains. I will also make sure that the entire classroom is cleaned on a daily basis and all toys are sanitized. I will also be sure that all sockets are covered with protectors and make sure that there are smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and an evacuation plan in the facility, as well as having clear pathways in case of an emergency. In the kitchen area I will make sure that all cabinets so children will not be able to have access to any hazardous materials as well as any foods. Also in the kitchen area I will have a bulletin board accessible to all kitchen staff to list the name of the children in the facility and their allergies (if any). In the restroom I will be sure that all toilets and washbasin’s are to the children’s reach...

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