Unit 9

Topics: Data Protection Act 1998, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Organization Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: June 28, 2013
Unit 9
Promote Good Practise in Handling Information in Health and social care Settings The data protection Act 1998 is an important legislation in social care which relate to handling information. One of the Acts is that people have every right to see what information has been recorded about them, this means that people can see their social flies or see their medical records if they request so. Freedom of information Act 2000 gives people the right the access general information held by the public authorities including local authorities and national health services. Other legislation in the social sector is Disability Discrimination Act. Anyone handling and processing the Data protection Act must obey the following principles: * The data must be processed Fairly and lawfully

* The data must be processed for limited purposes
* The data must be adequate and relevant
* The data must be accurate
* The data must be not be kept more than necessary
* The data must be kept secure
* The data must not be transferred to other countries without suitable protection * The data must be processed in accordance with the date subject’s rights Manual filing systems are filing systems done by hand as the name may suggest. The most used type of files are the brown manita, others include ring binders, lever arch files and bound copies of computer printouts. Files are sorted out in two ways aphetically and numerically; aphetically are usually done in smaller organisation whilst numerical systems are used in larger organisations such as hospitals were alphabetical organising becomes impossible. On the other hand computerized storage system (electronic) is where information is stored on a system on the computer done specially for your organisation. This type of storage has its benefits for example the data can backed up plus the data...
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