Unit 8 Task 2. Ways to Avoid Stereotyping and Discrimination in a Care Home. (P4)

Topics: Bathing, Food, Blindness Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Unit 8 Task 2.
Ways to avoid stereotyping and discrimination in a Care home. (P4)

In Care Homes, when it comes to meal time the patients should then be treated with a lot of respect as they will not be able to do as much as they can. They should have food of their choice from a selection of meals, instead of being given the exact same meal as everyone else as they may not like it. Also food to suit their culture/religion for example halaal meat, or no meat at all. The time they eat as no one should be forced to eat if they are not hungry or if it is too late or early for them to eat during that day, the amount of time they have to consume their meal as every person has a different way of eating whether they eat very fast or take their time, especially old people should be given a suitable amount of time to eat their meal as they will feel comfortable and respected. In Care Homes they should also have a range of good equipment for old people to use whilst eating because there may be one or a few of them that might not be able to manage eating in a tidy manner and should then be given the right equipment to use that will help them and make things easier for them. Also to avoid stereotyping and discrimination the patients should have a choice whether they would like to eat in a room with others or have their own space and eat in their own room as people like to have a suitable environment to themselves.

Personal Care (Hygiene)
Workers in Care Homes should also make the patients choose if they would want to have a bath or shower because some people choose one of the two to use depending on their mood and if they want to relax, it would not be fair to the person being bathed if they did not get any option as they may have a reason and may not feel comfortable. They should also have a choice of which shower gel or bubble bath to be used because they have different scents and someone might not like the smell they are being washed in, the same goes for...
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