Unit 8 Children and Play

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Unit 8 Assignment
Creative play

D1- Creative play
Junk modelling is a good activity to encourage children’s play: this helps with their creative skills. In junk modelling, you provide children with recycled items like boxes and tubes, the children can use these materials to build something, for example a child at my placement build a train made out of a box and milk tops. The children can also build things like a rocket, bus, house, car, to build something; the children are using their imagination. D2-

Having the ability to model random shapes and materials into 3D objects give children a boost in their self confidence, and a sense of achievement, and they will feel proud with what they have made. The children will need to visualise the end result and make the transition from rubbish to a model using a fine and large motor skills. The children will learn to share while doing this activity. This type of activity would be done with from the age of four years. Junk modelling is also an early learning about recycling. D3-

This activity would be set up on a large table, with various materials, such as milk tops, boxes, paper, card, yoghurt pots, tubes, and various recyclable things. These would be spread out on the table, with the equipment they will need, like glue and scissors, also there would be some pictures of models that have already been made, to give the children some ideas of what to make. D4-

When setting things up for the activity, you have to make sure there are no sharp edges on the objects, you have to have someone to supervise children while on the table, to make sure that there are no spillages and that they are using scissors correctly. D6-

Junk modelling provides children choice because the children have a range of materials, and colours, and different props like boxes and toilet roll tubes. Junk modelling allows children to use their imagination to create something out of junk. D7-

Junk modelling would have to be adapted to support children’s needs, like if a child has a hearing impairment, or are deaf, you could provide a picture chart, that explains what they child will be doing in that certain activity, or you could have a sign language specialist that will sign to the child explaining what the activity is. If a child is in a wheel chair, you would make sure the table is accessible for the child to work on, and have someone to assist the child to help them. C1-

In junk modelling a child could use the materials and props to make a train, bus, tram, house etc. A child can build many things out of junk, using their imagination of what it might look like, before building the chosen idea. Children are learning how to use their imagination to build something, and they will be learning about what they have made.

Physical play.
Chase games and hide and seek are good games to play when encouraging physical play, by doing this, the children will be exercising as well as having fun. The children can also twist the rules of some of the games, and make it their own, by doing this they are making it more enjoyable. More children will participate in physical play by playing chase games. D2-

The purpose of physical play is to keep children active, fit and healthy. Physical play gives children a break from their working environment. Children learn many physical skills, e.g. fine manipulative skills are learned through playing will small equipment, and balance, coordination, and gross motor movements are learnt through vigorous play. Develop awareness of space, develops muscles, stamina and coordination of their movements. D3-

This activity doesn’t really need to be set up, but if you wanted to get the children to play a certain game it might need some equipment setting out. You could set out several objects the children could use to make up a game, thing like sponge balls and bean bags. D4-

It is important that the school gates are shut properly, and are locked so...
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