Unit 8 Albatross

Topics: Anchor, Batch production, Employment Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: August 27, 2013
(03) The third thing that Albatross Anchors should do is to change their location and find a plant that is more than double the size than their current location. Since their business has expanded they need to expand their plant and find another location with more space. They produce two types of anchors and need to have the space to produce them at the same time instead of sharing equipment. In addition, their current manufacturing chain is also not running as smoothly as it should be with bottlenecking in the receiving and shipping departments.

Short-Term Operational Changes
(01) Institute safety procedures and protocols. The Albatross plant does not meet US safety and environmental standards, which, combined with plan antiquation, results in small batch production and long lead time on larger orders. Instituting safety procedures and protocols will bring Albatross into compliance regarding safety and environmental standards. With increased safety, workers will be able to increase batch production and Albatross will gain a competitive advantage. This advantage will be maximized with the long-term goal of updating of technology, but having defined safety procedures and standards established is a critical step and Albatross can expect some benefit in the short term.

(02) Update and organize administrative office. Administrative offices are currently tattered, unorganized and inefficient. An update to administrative offices (including updated technology such as computers, faxes etc.) will allow Albatross to operate more efficiently. This is turn will result in a better ran business overall. Disorganized offices can result in poor billing, missed payment, mismanagement, poor communication, as well as poor customer service. Technology updates will allow Albatross better organization providing the ability to better manage the business and better service their customers. With better technology and organization, Albatross can set goals to master their...
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