Unit 7 Perds Childcare

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P7 Task 2 Write a short report on how you’re setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society. Include in your report: P7.5 Explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society An image which presents a mixture of cultural backgrounds coming together such as an Asian and black girls playing together, this will show children that they are able to play with different races and therefore a positive image. Promoting a positive image is important especially in settings which work closely with children because once a child enters a setting they take interest in the images and objects around them, and by seeing images that celebrates different cultures and background will teach the child and allow them to see how others live and play together. To prompting positive image my setting takes pictures of the children interacting with each other through play and work. Once the child and other children see this on display they repeat the same thing because of the positive effect it has had on them. This helps to build children’s self-esteem through play because now they will be able to interact with a range of different children and create a wider friendship group. It is important for settings such as nurseries to reflect on the way they promote positive images because the images that a child sees at an early age can influence behaviour. According to public opinion journalist Walter Lippman “the little picture we carry around in our heads”. Children will then start to relate life to that image the now have in their heads. Nurseries should incorporate images around the world so that children can have a better understanding of those around them, also that the children don't assume that the one image that they setting has is the right image for them or the characters that they see on Walt Disney such as Cinderella, sleeping beauty and snow white is the appropriate way for a young lady to dress or behave as a...
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