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Topics: French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI of France Pages: 3 (504 words) Published: November 11, 2014

The French Revolution

(1774-1792) Reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in 1Under his reign, national debt soared and people showed hatred towards Louis XVI. 2Louis XVI continues to tax the Third Estate.

(1789) Storming of the Bastille
1French citizens stormed the Paris prison seizing gunpowder to use against Louis XVI. 2This led to the beginning of mob violence.

(1789) The Great Fear
1French Peasants attack the homes of nobles, setting many on fire. 2The French Revolution has spread from Paris to the French Countryside.

(1789) The National Assembly is Created
1Members of all three Estates in France set up a new representative government in France. 2It ends special privileges in France.

(1789) Women march on Versailles
1Unhappy with Louis XVI’s inability to help the people in Paris as many of them are starving. 2Louis XVI and the Royal Family are brought back in Paris.

(1789) The National Assembly Issues the Declaration of the Rights of Man 1In France, man is declared more rights.
2Women had less rights in that time.

(1791) The National Assembly Creates a New Constitution for France 1France is granted a new Constitution with new rights for them. 2It helped settle and equal out everyone’ rights in France.

(1791) Louis XVI and the Royal Family Attempts to Flee France 1Louis XVI and Royal try to leave France at night but get caught and taken back to Paris, France. 2This ends monarchy in Paris.

(1793) Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are Sent to the Guillotine 1They are both executed.
2This kills and ends the absolute monarchy by killing the king and queen.

(1793-1794) Maximilien Robespierre Leads the Reign of Terror in France 1Hundreds of thousands of French citizens are arrested and sent to prison or executed for being suspected. 2Enemies of the Revolution.

(1794) Maximilien Robespierre is Arrested and Executed
1Robespierre was put on trial and later on executed because he was causing major...
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