Unit 6 Learning Activity

Topics: Psychology, Licensure, Profession Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Unit 6 Learning Activity

State Department of Professional Regulation Requirements

Name: Erica Koshick

State: Wisconsin

State Department of Professional Regulation Website: https://app.wi.gov

Every state has a Department of Professional Regulation which sets criteria for professional licensure. For this learning activity, visit the Department of Professional Regulation online for your state and take time to explore the site and the various career possibilities listed within the field of psychology. After reviewing services offered, choose one of the listed careers which is of potential interest to you as a future professional and using this template, briefly discuss the following:

1. Services offered by my State Department of Professional Regulation. License Permits, regulation, address change, application status, orders and disciplinary action search, PIN lookup, print licensure and Renew Licensure.

2. Identify potential profession of interest and discuss the education, licensure and license renewal requirements. Behavioral Analyst would be my profession of interest. The degree requirements for a Behavioral Analyst are a minimum of a Master’s Degree surrounding behavior analysis or related to and approved by the BACB, 225 classroom hours of graduate level instructions specifically defined, supervised independent field work 1500hrs, practicum 1000hrs, intensive practicum 750hrs and combining experience categories. To become licensed in the state of Wisconsin one must submit an application, pay proper fees, submits evidence satisfactory to department, must already be Behavior Analyst Certified by Behavior Analyst Board and a specified clear conviction record. For renewal, one must maintain requirements to keep their Behavior Analyst Certification, complete forms, submit proof and pay fee.

3. Why do you think it is necessary to have professions in psychology regulated and licensed? Did your...
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