Unit 58

Topics: Hygiene, Risk, Cleanliness Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: July 25, 2013
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Unit 58

1.2 I believe and understand that different people have different needs. The amount of help that people need with personal hygiene will differ. Working in a health and social care sector it is very important that I always promote my clients independence so they are involved and feel comfortable and independent. Working in a health and social care home, you need to ask the client how much help they need or what they need you to do for them. By asking a client before you do any tasks prevents conflicts between you and the service user and it also gives the client the ability to be independent. I have attended special common inductions training with HDS before I started any work on my own to help me get a better knowledge and understanding about the duty of care. This has helped me to in many ways. For example this has helped me to help my clients manage their own personal hygiene and independence. I have a client who I see on a daily basis to assist with personal care. He is capable of cleaning the top half of his body, however he cannot raise his hands very high . So I help him with his hair, face and other places he couldn’t reach . In other words promoting his independence and getting him involved .It is important that as a care assistant I must encourage my clients to be independent

2.3Facilities and equipments used for personal care should be in good working order. It should always be safe and clean. I work in clients home so it is very important that as a care assistant I check the equipment that I use. If any equipment is a hazard I will then inform my manager to carry out a risk assessment. In the health and social sector it is very important that all electrical equipment should be tested and confirmed to be safe. As a care assistant I fully understand that it is my responsibility under the health and safety law to ensure the safety of all people using the premises. All equipment must be checked thoroughly before use to...
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