Unit 517 Person Centred Practice

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Susan Burton 26/09/14 Unit 517 Outcome 1 Understand the theory and principles that underpin person centred practice MY AIM: To ensure that older people are treated as Individuals and they receive appropriate and timely packages of care which meet their needs as Individuals, regardless of health and social services boundaries. THE STANDARD: NHS and Social Care Services treat older people as Individuals and enable them to make choices about their own care. Time is achieved through the single assessment process, integrated commissioning arrangements and Integrated provision of services, including community equipment and continence services. As the Manager of a large residential establishment, it is my responsibility to put the resident at the centre of our care practice. This is not always easy to achieve. The National Minimum Standards of the Care Standards Act 2000 has been published by the Secretary of state and provides some help and guidance. The Standards apply to all organisations that provide care services and accommodation. Choice of home / Concerns, complaints and protection /Lifestyle / Individual needs and choices / Personal and healthcare support / Environment / Staffing / Conduct and management of the home As the Manager, I need to adhere to the directives given for each category. The CSSIW will make a judgement as to how I follow each category as they inspect our service provision. The recommendations in two Government White Paper, ‘Modernising Social Services (1998) and ‘Valuing People (2001) encourage service providers and contractors to ensure the resident is at the heart of everything they do. The care value base

All care services, in order to promote the best possible out for those being cared for; I must ensure that the resident is at the centre of the service provision. It is important that the basic human values are protected and promoted right from the start. Everyone has these needs; the resident sometimes needs a little support or encouragement to retain these values. I have found another piece of legislation which has had a great impact on the provision of care services is ‘The Human Rights Act (1998.) This is a significant piece of legislation which contains 16 rights which all human beings are able to address in UK courts if they have been infringed. In a group living situation, the rights of one individual can occasionally infringe on the rights of another. Every person has the same rights and it must not be denied. I now understand that it can sometimes be a very fine balancing act to ensure all rights are maintained. One of the best tools I have to ensure choice and protection of basic human rights, are the individual care plans for each resident. These are in effect a contract between the resident who is receiving the care service, and me the person providing it. It enables discussion and compromise. For example; I have found it may be the choice of one resident to sit in the communal lounge wearing only night clothes, whereas that person may feel at ease and comfortable, in the eyes of others, they may be improperly dressed. I make sure all views are considered and a compromise reached. Perhaps it could be acceptable that night clothing could be worn an hour or so before bed, but I would make sure this was the choice of the resident, and not done by staff in order to save them time. I understand finding solutions to issues like this and agreeing a compromise is a daily part of my job role. I understand that care plans are required to be able to inform carers in detail about specific and individual needs. Each resident is given a contract of tenancy which gives details of the service we provide, what they can expect from me and what I may expect from them. In order for myself to achieve full involvement of the...
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