Unit 501 Questions And Answers

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Holistic/Direct Observation/Witness Statement Professional Discussion/Oral Questioning Record

Training Adviser Name: Annie Edwards

Learner Name: Gonzalo Cabezas Talavero

Witness Name and relationship to learner:


Date: 09/12/14
Unit Outcomes & Evidence
Unit 501 (SHC51)

Outcome 1.1: How do you review the range of individuals and groups in your workplace whose communication needs must be addressed?

I would carry out a supervision process. It could be prepared for a single individual or could be address to a team. The aim of supervision is to evaluate the level of performance of a member of the staff in order to improve it. It follows a structure and would be reviewing aspects as professional role, competency check, care plans, colleague relationships and personal development. All those aspects can be related to communication needs as those could be in their verbal or written form.

Outcome 1.2: Explain how you support effective communication within your job role

I practice active listening techniques as looking directly to the person, listening to what is being said and summarises periodically. I have to respect the other person view although I do not agree with it. I pay attention in the body language, as is a source of information and communication. I would seek to understand before being understood. I use self-control and would articulate my speech in order to make it clear, concise and confidently.

Outcome 1.3: Explain how you analyse the barriers and challenges to communication within your own job role.

The performance carry out by the staff would bring clear results about how it has been understand the communication transmitted. But to have a wide and completed view it is necessary not to judge the results just from a sign but for the whole process. The main barriers in my role are:

- Language because of the variety of nationalities within the staff and jargon use in the sector. - The understanding of the subject and context and the differences in the perception. - The level of intelligence vary considerably.

- How to draw the attention of the listener out of distractions. - A lack of feedback and lack of time are barriers in communication - External conditions as external noise or physical conditions as poor hearing, confusion, etc.

Outcome 2.1: Explain how you monitor the effectiveness of communication systems and practices in your work place. By receiving immediate feed back from the member of staff and residents. By checking that a specific task has been completed by the person assigned When a disagreement follows the structured channel and procedures.

Outcome 2.2: Explain how and why you should evaluate existing communication systems and practices

How…. By Using the body language answer from the receptor of the message. It involves to pay attention to the communication process as a set of actions and not only as a message to be deliver to somebody else. I do ask for a feed back of the staff members that I work with in other to know how much of the message they understand. As well as observing how the staffs perform the assigned tasks it can give a good idea about what and how they understood the message in the communication process.

To evaluate is necessary in order to know how effective is the communication among the members of staff in a team, as well as the communication with residents and families as clients of the service that is provided. A good communication would also give to the members of the staff reassurance about their performance as well as a positive environment to work where everybody is respect and is able to give the best of themselves.

Outcome 2.3: What improvements would you propose to put in place for the communication systems and practices used which will address any shortcomings?

I would establish a system of communication face to face where speaker and listener could have a moment to exchange...
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