Unit 5 Lab 1

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Physical Networking (NT1310)
Unit 5/Activity 1
Wired and Wireless:
Wired networking has traditionally been deployed for stationary computers and machines which do not require mobility. Wireless networking allows the user to roam wire free where the wireless network exists while never dropping the connection to the network. Traditionally, wired connections have been the primary means of access to the network, with wireless connectivity offering a secondary means of connection for mobile devices. Wired Networking:

Wired networking connections provide the foundation of the Local Area Network. Incoming connections, Data Center interconnections, IT closet facilities, and stationary computing devices have all traditionally been connected to the network via a series of cables. The primary benefit to a wired connection is that the wire provides a standard level of service (performance, security, reliability) which can be relied upon in all situations. Typically, wired connections (correctly installed) have an extremely low failure rate and provide a standard of service which helps provide a very low cost for support per connection. Once the connection is configured, very little needs to be done in order to maintain the system.

Wired Advantages
Standard level of service guaranteed to each user/device
High bandwidth capable (1GB/10GB)
Low cost of support
Higher level of security
Modular, standardized connectivity with backwards compatibility Minimally impacted by radio-frequency interference
Wired Disadvantages
High cost of initial installation
Difficult to install in some locations
Number of connections limited by number of cables installed
Wireless Networking:
Wireless networking is deployed for a number of reasons; the primary purpose being mobility allowing laptop users to roam the facility freely and not rely on a wired connection. Although the freedom to roam the facility and always be connected to the LAN can be a great...

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