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In a childcare setting the professional has many responsibilities this may include: Working according to the principles of the sector and confidentiality. Some of these principles include working in partnership with the Childs parents/families for example if a certain child has issues going on at home it is your responsibility as the professional to work closely with the child and their parents/families to make sure that you meet the Childs individual needs and follow out any routine in the setting the same way the parent does at home. Another example of this would be confidentiality, maintaining confidentiality is a vital principle when working in a childcare setting. This is due to child protection and keeping a child safe when they are in your care, it means that any information given to you about any child must not be carried out of your setting or spoken about to any unauthorised personnel. If you were to feel as if a child is in danger or feel any concern for a certain child then you should report it to your placement supervisor who will then take the matter further. Another principle when working in a childcare setting would be participating in an environment that is appropiate, welcoming, warm and stimulating. In my setting we do this by displaying a welcome poster with many different languages on it. Also by displaying the children’s work in various different places in the nursery and also displaying photographs of the children carrying out different activities in the nursery. In my setting they also have a designated room for parents to go to if they want to speak to a teacher about anything; it has comfortable seats and is private. As a professional is important to work as part of a team to provide quality service to the child and their parent. This means that if the child has any additional needs that you work closely with the child and parent and also any other professional that may be involved in the child’s routine.

Two issues that would contribute to maintaining professional relationships would be communication and environment. Communication can be many different thing ranging from eye contact to a phone call. It is important to carry out both good verbal and non verbal communication, for example being mannerly and using eye contact when talking to others in the setting would be important to show that you are a role model to the children and also to reassure the parents that their children are being treated well. communication through telephone and email is also important, this is important so that dates for things can be confirmed or if something was to happen, everyone who was involved would know what was going on. Environment is also very important so that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable in the setting. My setting does this by displaying different cultural backgrounds throughout the nursery this included different coloured dolls, diverse jigsaws and also by having pictures of different cultural events on the walls.

A multi-professional approach brings together practitioners from different professions to provide an integrated way of working to support a child and their family. This way of working ensures that the child who needs additional support has exactly the right professionals needed to support them. Many multi-professional teams work in a holistic way. This means that each person has a specific area to work on for example if the child had speech difficulties and also behavior issues the speech and language would only asses the Childs language and speech and would not asses the behavior this would be for the behavior specialist to deal with. This way may benefit the child in a better way because all of his/her needs are being dealt with by the appropriate professionals.

Reflective practice allows you to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses within your setting. This benefits you because once you realise what you are good at you can start to focus...

Bibliography: CACHE Level 3
4th edition
Penny Tassoni
Published 2007
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