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Why is it important to create a meeting agenda that reflects the style and structure of the meeting and to send it, together with any papers, to all participants? What items should be included on an agenda? The reason it is important to create and send a meeting agenda that reflects the style and structure of the meeting with other necessary documents. This is because it will bring out a positive outcome to the meeting should the agenda be set out correctly and effectively for the meeting it is composed for. Some components of the agenda that should be structured and styled specifically for the meeting are: The purpose of the meeting

Meeting location, date and time details
Details of chairperson, minute taker and participants
Meeting program for the day of presentations, breaks, time frames and discussions so all participants can prepare themselves for the day Proof read and approved agenda
Design and logo
Storage, access and deliver methods
A structured agenda should also include any relevant documents that should be reviewed before the meeting as to not waste time at the meeting and ensure all participants are prepared with the knowledge they need and confidence to provide ideas and make decisions. Types of relevant documents are: internal reports, budgets, sales and finance documents, invoices and client reports and contracts, statistic research and letters.

What are the attributes of an effective and efficient meeting? What are the responsibilities of the chairperson in a meeting?

The effectiveness and efficiency of a meeting is determined by the success of managing the meeting in accordance with business standards, policies and procedures and exceeding to complete all agenda details as planned. Attributes to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of a meeting are: Confirm who is to attend or the amount of participants required Choose a Chairperson appropriate for the participants and managing the meeting Ensuring only appropriate participants are involved and contribute to the agenda outcomes Send agenda and supporting documents in a timely and convenient manner to all participants Resend agenda and supporting documents if necessary

Book and ensure meeting space in sufficient
Adequate resources – audiovisual, boards, tables, telecommunications, furniture and stationary - for the day are received and set up ready Agenda prepared, proof read, includes all relevant details as required for the meeting and business document standards. Agenda includes meeting program, time schedule and names

Agenda and supporting documents approved by Chair person
Minute taker assigned and briefed
Minutes and reports distributed efficiently after meeting
Follow up of spoken issues are addressed in a timely manner
Breaks are given within the meeting for refreshment
Food and drinks are served and available for participants
Toilets available and smoking areas available at break times Have a Plan B for room or meeting rescheduling, change in agenda or participants, etc.

The responsibilities of the Chairperson are to prepare, manage and obtained a desired outcome from the meeting. They keep arguments, disagreements, discussions, questions and other behaviours in check and ensure that all discussions are based on the agenda topics only. They commence, introduce and close the meetings and deliver the outcomes, minutes and/or reports. They basically are the director of the meeting and control the discussions in accordance to the agenda to obtain solutions and outcomes. UNIT 5 ASSESMENT TOOL 2 Q3

How does briefing the minute taker prior to the meeting improve efficiency? What information should be included in minutes? Why is it important to check minutes, distribute them and make any necessary reports as soon as possible after the meeting? How does briefing the minute taker prior to the meeting improve efficiency?

The briefing with the minute taker before...
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