Unit 4222

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Unit 4222-226
Gaining access to the homes of individuals, deal with emergencies and ensure security on departure (HSC 2019) Outcome 3
2. Agree with others what steps to take if entry cannot be gained after further efforts. If I could not gain access after trying a few times I could contact my manager and inform them of the situation. If the property had a key safe I would ask my manager for the code or I knew of any medical history which could be a reason for not being able to gain access I would call 999.

Outcome 4
1. Describe emergencies that may be encountered when gaining entry to an individual’s home. There are lots of emergencies that you might encounter when gaining entry to an individual’s home, some might be ongoing medical problems for example diabetic attack, epileptic seizure, asthma attack or angina attack. Some other encounters might include someone fallen and badly hurt themselves, someone unconscious or the individual has passed away. You could also encounter gaining access and finding the individual is not there and could be missing if they suffer from a mental illness.
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