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Move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care ( HSC2028)

Outcome 1 : Understand anatomy and physiology in relation to moving and positioning individuals. Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals.

Musculoskeletal System
Moving and positioning of individuals
Your vertebrae are individual little bones that make up the spinal column, these are connected together by joints which are supported by ligaments that are connected to the bone. Moving an individual incorrectly could cause ligament damage, when individuals are dragged when being moved joints can be overstretched causing sprains/ damage to the ligaments. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER DRAG (MOVE INCORRECTLY) ANYONE. Tendons connect the muscle to the bone. When the muscle contracts this pulls on the tendon that is attached to the bone making the body part move. When the fibres the muscles contains contracts this makes the muscle work. Pulled muscles or torn tendons causing a lot of pain can occurs from sudden movements or pulling of an individual’s limbs/ body. This is why it is important to move or position an individual as smoothly as possible. Bones in limbs are covered with tissue.

Fractures can happen due to all sorts of accidents for example putting too much pressure on an individual’s hands or arms when they are moving. If you use the incorrect size sling when hoisting the individual could fall out or get limbs caught causing a fracture.

Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual. Different conditions of different individuals affect how a person moves or changes the position of that individual. For example if an individual has had a stroke they may have one side of the body stronger than the other, this has to be taken into account as not to put pressure on the weak side or when weight bearing. If an individual has dementia they may be confused and not understand what you are saying, this may take a little while for both sides to understand each other; showing them with actions may help. A person that is blind may need more reassurance than others as they are unable to see; this could make them less trustworthy. People that suffer from arthritis can be in a lot of pain so moving or repositioning them has to be done slowly and cautiously. All these sorts of conditions have to be taken into account when moving or positioning any individual.

Outcome 2 : Understanding legislation and agreed ways of working when moving and positioning individuals. Describe how legislation and agreed ways of working affect working practices related to moving and positioning individuals. Relevant legislations include management of health and safety at work regulations, the important requirement of risk assessment was introduced in this regulation. Risks must be assessed when positioning or moving any individual, this must be acted on and reviewed. All staff must also be trained within moving and positioning individuals. The lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations introduced a requirement for equipment that is safe to use and thoroughly maintained training for staff must also be provided. Manual handling operations and regulations states that risk assessments must be carried out for all moves, in order to reduce the risk of injury from happening avoiding dangerous and harmful handling and moving. Using all equipment as trained avoid putting yourself, other staff, visitors and individuals at risk following health and safety practices. Reporting any risks and/or hazards to their employer are key responsibilities to their employer.

To have agreed ways of working employers must have policies and procedures in place for moving and handling for their work place. Training, supervisions and explaining all of this should be supplied to staff. All employees should become familiar with...
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