Unit 4 Sociology - The Weakening of the Family Structure

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The Weakening of the Family Structure
Tenisha Greene
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Many expert sociologists have alluded to a weakening of the family structure of the years. In an effort to determine if their findings are true, the factors that influence the deterioration have to be examined. Such factors as unemployment, welfare, and the entertainment industry play a major role in the weakening families. “For if the family is becoming less viable economically, our communities and our financial future are in jeopardy.” (Ellwood, 1993) Lastly, from the 1960’s until now, the global community has witnessed the most drastic changes.

The Weakening of the Family Structure
Over the years, the definition of “family” has gone through many changes. In the early1960’s, women were treated unequally within the society, which led to a need for fairness and the Women’s Lib. In addition, the Civil rights bill of 1964 was amended to include gender, and the birth control pill became available. Furthermore, even though the 60’s were the times of social change, and abortion became legalized. The era still left an indelible impression, of what American life represents. In essence, the 60’s left a legacy of how the society and family structure should be in America. (Carter, 2010) Lastly, the various movements led to many social changes within the society, including the definition of family. There are many factors that were responsible for changes in the family structure, since the 1960’s. One factor that helped change the social structure was the Vietnam War. In essence, the society realized how senseless the conflict was because many men went off to war and never returned. In addition, the rise of feminism was also an essential factor in the changing the family structure. Furthermore, the feminist movement opened the door for sexual freedom, which led to erotic behaviors...

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