Unit 4 P1

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Unit 4: Business communication
Assignment 1 P1
Type Explanation Location / origin
Where it takes place
Internal or External with reason. Use / Example
Include an image to show the use.
What reasons this is used?
Verbal This type of communication could include talking face-to-face, through the phone and announcements throughout the store. This is both internal since verbal communication takes place within the store and between the employees of it. It’s also external considering that this is also between customers. This could be communicating with a customer through the phone about an enquiry or a complaint. 698541719500 The purpose of this is to provide customer service e.g. by giving information about products/services, dealing with customer complaints – solving their problems. This is used because verbal communication is the most effective way of dealing with customers, considering that they can just ask for help and guidance upfront and gain a much clearer Idea of information. Written

(consider different written methods)  This type of communication could be set out as an email or a report, or even a notice. Written communication may be considered as both internal and external since this can take place within the store and outside it, for example; reports and emails could be between the employees/employers of Aldi and notices could be for customers. This could be sending an email to an employee about a promotion. -165105143500 The purpose of this is mainly to inform someone about a certain subject, whether it’s about a meeting, or event, or a general enquiry – usually towards internal individuals of the business aka employees, managers, etc. Written communication can also be used to persuade, this would be targeted to customers. Onscreen

(consider ways screens of information are used) This type of communication could involve any communicational method provided on a computer or device/online, this may include...

References: Small Business. 2014. What best explains the purpose of advertising. [ONLINE] Available at:http://smallbusiness.chron.com/explains-purpose-advertising-36432.html. [Accessed 29 October 14].
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