Unit 4 Essay

Topics: Democratic-Republican Party, Alexander Hamilton, Democracy Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: December 5, 2006
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Unit 4 Essays

#18.Write your definition of democracy. Then use this to argue that Jefferson or Hamilton was the better spokesperson for democratic government in the 1790s.

Democracy is a word that represents principles of freedom, chosen by citizens to improve their cities and lives. It is often when the people of an area are the primary source of political power and are represented by elected representatives. Democracy is a word that is still to this day, misused and misinterpreted. Democracy is sometimes used as just a label politicians use to gain support. Overall, democracy, in the words of Abraham Lincoln is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson tried there best to be the better democratic spokesperson in the 1790s. In attempt to this, Hamilton formed the Federalist Party, and Thomas Jefferson set up the Democratic-Republican Party. Both men benefitted this country and worked hard to set up democracy. However, I believe Jefferson did a better job as a spokes person. By the end of 1816, Jefferson, and his trusted friend, James Madison, established great democracy among the nation. The nation underwent a peaceful political change, and strengthened its nationalistic and democratic spirit.

Jefferson stuck to the principle of having a limited central government. He shrunk the size of the military to eliminate the chance of dictatorship. He lowered the national debt, repealed the excise taxes, and ended a numerous amount of federal jobs. He also purchased Louisiana Territory, which clashed with Hamilton’s views of having an industrial and urban society. Jefferson envisioned for the country, an “agrarian society of independent farmers.”

Under Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican Party urged strict construction of the Constitution. Hamilton’s proposals were claimed to be unconstitutional. Jefferson promoted state’s rights and...
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