Unit 4 e1

Topics: Accident, Occupational safety and health, Safety Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: April 27, 2014
 Unit 4
There are 4 main laws that underpin the provision of health, safety and secure environments for early years settings. The Health And Safety act 1974 is one of these. This act states that buildings should be in good condition and they should be designed for the safety of the users. The buildings and its surroundings should be clean and safe, if any equipment is used it must be used safely and stored safely. Health and safety must be promoted to children. This law was put in place to make sure the children are the safety they can be in their care. This also helps to teach children how to be safe outside of nurseries and schools etc. Another law would be RIDDOR. This act us for you to report work related accidents, diseases or dangerous occurrences. Any accident that involves children, staff or visitors has to be recorded in an accident book. This is to make sure there is a record of the event that happened, give details on what happened to help prevent it from happening again in the future. This law helps to keep children safe and helps to stop there from the same accident happening to other children, for example if there was toys on the floor and a child fell over on them and hurt themselves, they would move the toys to stop other children from falling over them. The Childcare Act 2006 is another law, this law was set for safeguarding and welfare requirements under the early years foundation stage 2012. This act tells staff how they must, safeguard the children, ensure the suitability of any adults that have any contact with the children, promote good health, manage the children’s behaviour, ensure the safety and suitability of the premises, environment and the equipment and to maintain records, policies and procedures. This law helps to make sure that the children that are being cared for are in the safest environment they can be in, and to help make sure that nothing bad happens to them. COSHH 2002 law was made to make...
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