Unit 4 Distinction 2

Topics: Advertising, Billboard, Marketing Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: June 19, 2013

Choose one types of information/medium from two different Businesses, then compare and contrast the types of information use within businesses. Discuss their effectiveness and how successful they have been

The two companies that I will be comparing in this task are Apple and Samsung. I will be comparing and evaluating Apple and Samsung's use of advertising and discussing the effectiveness of both of their advertisements.

Apple uses advertising in several ways. They produce advertisements on Television which from my perspective is a very effective way of advertising their products because TV has a very big audience and this means that Apple can attract a lot of potential customers. Apple continuously advertises on TV to make people know about what their products are. For example, Apple recently produced a Television advertisement showing the features of the IPhone 4S to get an inside view of what the phone is about. In apple’s advertisements they promote their software ‘Siri’ showing how the voice application works in the IPhone for example, Apple shows to us that the voice app can be used for things such as finding out the weather. I personally feel this is an effective use of advertising because it clearly tells people how Apple’s voice application works.

Furthermore, Apple also advertises on the Internet to try and persuade more people to come and buy their products. For instance, Apple advertised the IPhone 4S describing what the benefits are of having an IPhone and also promoted the release of their brand new product the IPad 3 on their official website. I believe that advertising on the internet is effective because the web is global which means that everyone has access to Apple’s products.

In Apple’s online advertisements they promote their IPad 3 showing the latest features of their product for example, the new retina display on the IPad and the new 5 megapixel that the new IPad has. I feel that this an effective use of advertising...
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