Unit 36 - M1

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Unit 36 – M1
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M1 Grading grid
Analyse the standard of working conditions provided by a selected manufacturer and a service provider.

In this assignment I need to analyse the standard of working conditions provided by a selected manufacturer and a service provider, In other words I have to compare all the working conditions, for example comparing the Fire precautions in the workplace or how the electricity is different. I’m doing this by using a “walk-through”.

BCP packaging
Helios Bloemenexport BV

Standard of working conditions at BCP packaging

Physical environment

there is a Sprinkler system but Its not working. A very dangerous thing that was exposed were the electricity cables, these cabled were all in the open and that is a really serious case a case of health and safety. But there is another problem, BCP is missing parts on the steam pipes, that means that the steam pipes are unprotected, and in some cases can be dangerous.


At BCP packaging in case of fire everyone needs to evacuate by a fire exit, But in the case of BCP this was not correctly, most of the emergency fire exits were locked, and when you try to find a emergency exit it almost impossible because there was a total lack of evacuation procedures.

Standard of working conditions in my selected company, Helios Bloemenexport BV

Description of Physical environment

Helios Bloemenveiling bv, Is working in the flower selling branch, When I was there I didn’t noticed any important irregularities Only that the Tables have sharp edges and the working environment I clearly too old. Also the Electric cables were nicely moved away but only some of the cables were right in the Open above you. Also the steam pipes were nicely removed, and when I did see one, I’d bet it wasn’t open in any...
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