unit 331 understanding safeguarding

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Unit - 331
Title – Understand Child and Young Person Development

Task A

1. Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years. (1.1) Sequence of development is the correct order in which actions; developmental milestones should take place e.g. walking before running and jumping The rate of development is the age at which each individual child reaches these milestones. The rate of development is the child individual score if you like. During formative toddler years, these will be crawling, grasping, waving, and copying single syllables. As the child goes into school, they are monitored for their reading and writing skills, and as they grow and develop further

2. Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why the difference is important. (1.2) As explained above, the sequence of development is the order to which actions take place from birth to 19 years. These should encompass a variety of milestones that are first checked by midwives, health visitors and then through school and learning activities. At any point are these milestones checked and there is a baseline to which all children and young people are measured with no factors taken into account (I’ll explain more on that later in AC 2.1) It is important to take note on the differences of these as if a child is either hitting milestones too early or too quickly, we are able to build up a picture of that child’s own sequence and ultimately plan accordingly and provide support.

Task B
1. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors (2.1) Health plays a major part in the personal development of any child. This can either be through a birth defect that the child is born with or develops, or can be attributed to any chemicals taken by the mother during pregnancy. It can also stem from a poor birth, such as a cord round the neck, lack of oxygen

2. Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors (2.2)

External factors such as:

Poverty- diet (nutritional issues - lack of energy and concentration); opportunities for play may not have finances to give extra opportunities such as music/swimming lessons; poor housing (poor conditions - overcrowding - ill health from damp & lack of finances for sufficiently heat in cold months); education (potential of reduced access to quality education and the best schools and limited access to variety of books and equipment as well as internet); motivation and aspirations - lack of this causing depression to either parent/s or child or both plus lack of motivation to learn and thrive in education etc.

family - drug/alcohol/abuse at home - obvious affects but also financial strain from drug and alcohol abuse leading to other diet related issues, broken family - both sides good relationship positive effects on child i.e. lots of stimulation and parents making most of time available and bad relationship - negative effects on child development - emotional aspects.

Children's personal choices - I thought about teenagers and choosing to smoke, drink, take drugs and have sexual encounters - and ways could affect development. Also the company they keep - with potential of anti-social behaviour etc.

Children in care - lack of stable, loving warm environment as well as reasons why they have been taken into care in the first place - this is a big one but is quite straight forward on influences and affects.

Education and extracurricular activities - being part of the community and participating in activities- furthering and developing many skills. With the flip side being those who don't participate, are unable to or finances restrict opportunities - potentially not developing as well as those who have the opportunities.

3. Produce a report to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of 3 differing theories of development, chosen from...
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